So, you found my blog…


In the big fat universe that is the internet, I can’t believe that you found me.

🤪🎉 *happy dance* ✌🏻💖

Now that I’ve calmed down… Hi, my name’s Lotty and this is my thought bubble. With a passion for writing and a brain full of random memes that have me randomly howling at 1am, I thought I’d share my thought bubble to the world (or at least to the one person that is reading this).

I’m not the best at introductions so I’ll give this my best shot and I’ll make it quick. I’m twenty one years old and I work in the glorious city of London in the marketing team of an advertising firm. I ditched the usual university route and chose to do an apprenticeship instead. Luckily for me, my boss wasn’t the devil (most of the time) and she certainly didn’t wear Prada.

Spending most of my time on overpriced trains and bopping around in the Big Smoke, I’ve definitely developed a major Netflix, shopping and happy hour addiction. But hey, the first step is being honest, am I right? As much as I love the city, I’m definitely a home girl. Nothing makes me happier than binging Desperate Housewives, playing Sims for ten hours and playing with my doggos.

So, if you like chick flicks, honest opinions or laughing at the life of a random girl online – stick around, you just might enjoy yourself!

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