Sunday Roast | Volume 2

Happy Sunday! I hope this week has been good to you, but with Miss Corona still on the rise, I highly doubt it. This week’s roast is a mixture of some interesting designer items, to say the least…

So, with the chicken roasting in the oven (thanks dad 😍) let’s dive in!

Whilst looking at some items on FarFetch, stop trying to make fetch happen it isn’t going to happen, I stumbled upon these beauties. My first thought was wow, Kim K must be glad she doesn’t have to prance around in this sh*t anymore, pretending it’s ✨fashun✨. My second thought was that if Kanye ever needs some more pennies, then rebranding crocs could be a good way to go.

Retailing at £1264, Kanye’s Foam RNNR “Arat” sneakers are giving me Ratchet from robots vibes. You know, the villain in one of the best kids movies ever?

The futuristic air holes are perfect for people with sweaty feet or those who want to show off their fancy socks for an even slicker vibe. If you have trouble tying laces, then say goodbye to velcro straps as these are slip-ons!

Still browsing FarFetch, this “bag” had me convinced they had started selling french pastries too. Retailing at a reasonable £758, this bag is perfect for those dabbling in French fashun.

Say goodbye to Louis Vuitton, YSL and Chanel because this bag is as French as you possibly could get. Luckily, this bag is made out of leather to avoid any flakiness. This bag is such an inspiration to me because I doubt this little cow could only dream of becoming a croissant when it grew up. See, dreams can come true!

Sticking on the theme of bags, I found some rather interesting ones from Bottega Veneta that made me question the brand’s muse…

This beauty retails at £1605 (right in my price budget!) and I can’t help but see the resemblance of a vagina, bum hole or a lifetime smoker’s lips (vogues of course)…

The last item, and another interesting design from Bottega, is the Leather Loops Clutch, retailing at a very reasonable £3700. Almost two month’s wages! I’d happily not eat for two months in order to buy this beauty that resembles my pubes after a month. ✨Dreamy✨

Made entirely out of lambskin (I think I’d prefer my lambs for Sunday roast or roaming fields tbh), this bag is complete with no inner lining. Perfect for carrying your spillables, or odd lipstick that always seems to lose its lid!

Are there any brands or anything else in general that you’d like to be Sunday roasted? Let me know down below, as I thoroughly enjoyed this week!

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